Everyone Loves a Good Burger and Milkshake

30 Jul


Enough Said!!


Winter Wonder-Food

2 Jan

This winter my wife and I branched out into a realm of eating and cooking most would call courageous, daring, and outright crazy. For sometime we have been eating a vegan/vegetarian diet. I held out for a while, however I was craving dairy and went all in with my staple bread and butter. When its winter time you think of soup, hearty breads, and casseroles of all kinds.

When we formulated our menu for the month and where we could eat vegan and vegetarian, the list of possible restaurants dwindled, and we soon found our healthy lifestyle a slight hindrance.

We have yet to return to Revolutionary Soup, Eppies and Sticks which are obvious options when we think of savory home cooked meals that fill you up and make you miss grandma’s cooking.

Here is our little secret that is not really secret. Whole Foods is one of the main hubs that healthy “foodies” frequent. One thing that sets them apart is the salad and food bar they have. We have been there on numerous occasions to pick up non staple items, and swung by the food bar to be greeted by roasted veggies and a variety of soups. They have a number of options for a yummy salad, and if you must cave in they usually have something greasy  and filling as well.

Winter wonder food is not hard to find by any stretch of the imagination but I must say that few establishments in Charlottesville know how to offer the best of both worlds,  the proverbial comfort food, and healthy whole foods.This is not On a Shoe String, however healthy eating is usually not. Check Out their Sure Deals Here to download coupons and learn more about whats on sale. Revolutionary Soup and Eppies are both still in the attractions books for the 2011 season.

Happy Eating this Winter

La Joya On A Whim

30 Sep

We used our Attractions Book buy one/get one free combination dinner coupon @ La Joya on 5th St. tonight!

Definitely a fun, inexpensive, mid-week unplanned date spot. Our server was phenomenal, and I totally suggest the potato/spinach tacos!! Yes! You read that right!

Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri!!

Potato Spinach Taco, Spinach and Bean Burrito, Rice and Beans

Chicken Enchilada, Cheese Chili Relleno, and Chicken Chalupa

If we go Mexican, it’s always my (Laura) idea, and never Anwar’s. Half way through this meal (ushered in by a warm basket of their tortilla chips and salsa, and later accompanied by french fries and a Diet Coke), Anwar looked up at me and said, “Wow. Wow. This is REALLY good. (pause) I mean, REALLY good.”

So, there ya have it!

Our attractions book has 2 coupons for 2 free combination dinners! The plates averaged $8, so that would be 2 people for $8!

We’ll gladly drop them off if you live anywhere within 15 min of UVA, or have one mailed to you! anwarandlaura@gmail.com 434.296.3166


That Onion Slapped Me! …And other Mona Lisa Pasta related musings.

30 Sep

Without a camera, Samaria and I headed into Mona Lisa Pasta for an unexpected lunch and an opportunity to cash in on the Attractions Coupon buy one/get one free sandwich.

Uhm… YUMness!!! I had high expectations, because their homemade pasta, marinara sauce and frozen pizza dough (take home and amaze your family with what happens when you’ve got THAT for a foundation!) all pretty much delighted my Italian-food-loving-soul. The Val d’Aosta Sandwich “Hot” (Rosemary Ham, red pepper mustard, Pickled Red Onions w/ melted Fontina Cheese on Rosemary Focaccia) more than surpassed my expectations.

When Rosemary met ham… a love affair began. This inspired duo compliment one another beautifully beneath the ahh-so-nicely-melted Fontina cheese. They tuck in nicely between the toasty in-house Rosemary Focaccia that will not let you down.

The warmth of the red pepper mustard induces a tango-gone-mad dance for the taste buds, and right when- with eyes closed, I was about to be dipped over in my red dress by this experience, I got a sudden very sassy slap in the face by a pickled red onion!

Thinking it was my imagination, I bit it again. Again, I got swept away by the romance of these flavors, and again- that sudden slap!

I put my half of the sandwich back in the box, while Samaria happily chomped away on hers. Partially insulted, I was onto The Smoked Turkey Muffaletta. A Ciabatta Roll on either side of generous layers of smoked turkey, provolone cheese, olive salad, with mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato. I have been here before to have two of their other sandwiches (La Giaconda and Roasted Vegetable), so I say this is the best I’ve had!

You know how Harris Teeter on Barrack’s always has that free olive spread to sample on their fresh baked breads? I always think- “that was good. Glad it was free. I’m not buying it. Why do I always try this?” Well, I found that olive spread’s soul mate- the village from which it belongs. It belongs in Mufalletta!

Samaria loved this one too. On the drive home, so wishing I’d remembered my camera, I gave that ham another try. Something different happened this time. I had braced myself, expecting the insult, and… I understood. Won over, I brought the sandwich home to share with Anwar.

He said- “Mmmm… mmmm… Ooh! What is that pickled taste?!”

“Kinda sits up and slaps ya, eh?”


“Pretty great, no?” He thought for a second during his second bite, chewing meditatively, then said really slowly,


I hope you go to Mona Lisa with high expectations! For UVA students, it’s across the street(ish) from McGrady’s. Look for Bethany to take your order if you find yourself in the mood for top service with a stellar attitude!

We’re selling these Attraction Books pretty rapidly right now, so join the revolution, and give us a call! 434.296.3166. anwarandlaura@gmail.com . If you live within 15 min of UVA, we’ll gladly drop one off for you.

Pita Pit- All 3 of us for $8.13.

20 Aug

Ode to American Mexican food.

When that’s what I want- that’s all that I want, and there’s no acceptable substitute.

That sweet-spicy-juicy-warm-deep sensation that it ever-so-faithfully delivers.  You know the sauteed onions, mushrooms, green peppers, mixed with comforting carb, flavorful meat and/or bean, melted cheese that just oozes all in and out of everything strikingly contrasted with fresh, cold toppings- by way of maybe lettuce, guacamole, tomatoes, cilantro and cooled off by the sour cream.

Fast Mexican had yet to woo me, until I met the Steak Fajita Pita tonight—

Mike, the very likable manager, told me not to worry about that “limited time only” sign next to this dish, because they had carried it for over a year and it proved very popular.  I can see why.

The massively enthusiastic delivery driver has to be Pita Pit’s biggest fan.  He said that the grilled-to-perfection-chicken caesar was the most delicious item on the menu.  We’ll hit that up next time.

Anwar had the chicken, ham, bacon pita—

and raves about it in the you tube video below—

Check out their menu: http://www.pitapitusa.com/main.php?page=48&pitapit=29&print=1

Original Price after tax and refillable soda: $15.50, Price after coupon for all three of us: $8.13.

We added a $1.00 tip.

The Villa – At the Heart of the University of Virginia

19 Aug

Anwar chose our first restaurant to go to from our new 2011 Attractions Coupon Book based on ease of parking, past consistently stellar experiences, come-as-you’re-dressed atmosphere, and the close proximity to our home in the University Area.  We ended up with a final bill of $12.97 for all three of us!

I think “comfort” would aptly describe this eating experience.  It’s the place to go in your UVA hoody and pajama pants on a Saturday morning.  And the portions are so satisfying, you will be grateful for the option of walking home.  I was last night.

My daughter and I shared the Gyro Dinner.  PHENOMENAL!

WOW!  That tzatziki dipping sauce was bomb!  The cool sauce with the savory meat, kissing the warm, soft, comforting carby pita and smitten with just the right smack of sweet summer tomato and sharp white onion intermingled with fresh green parsley.  It was an orchestra concert in my mouth.

Anwar ordered the Texas Style Barbecue Sandwich.  Check out his review below:

The original cost was $20.54.  After coupon, a soda, and tax: $12.97 for all three of us. Major bonus: the soda came with unlimited refills!

We left the waitor, the very nice Elliot, $4- based on the original bill.

Check out http://www.villadiner.com for their full menu.

We Have the New Attractions Books! Buy ‘em here!

19 Aug

Shoot us and email @ anwarandlaura@gmail.com with “Order for Attractions Books” in the subject, and we will deliver them to you anywhere within 15 minutes of UVA (preferably in a public location).

They’re good from now until the last day of 2011!!